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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks
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It is true that UPVC door locks are made to be strong and dependable, but they can fail, especially if they are too old or haven’t been used properly. The important thing is to deal with the problem as quickly as possible. 

Lock Repairs

UPVC Door Locks in UKIf the lock has become sticky, the cylinder is most likely worn and should be replaced. Alternatively, the key could be bent, chipped or too dull. Changing it will resolve the problem. When you can’t insert or turn the key, the cylinder is faulty and will need replacement. If the key turns smoothly, but the bolt or hook doesn’t move in the required direction, the locking mechanism is to blame. If it is stuck due to dryness, it should be cleaned and lubricated. If it’s broken, it has to be changed. 

Align UPVC Door

When the door doesn’t fit the frame perfectly, the weather strips are usually to blame. It’s usually not possible to adjust them back into place so they should be replaced. If the strips are fine, the issue could be with the hinges. An inspection will reveal if they are loose, bent, worn or broken. Loose and bent hinges can be repaired while worn and broken ones should be replaced. With accurate door adjustment, the problem will be resolved completely. 

Lock Installation

As technology advances, even the best locks become less secure over time. That is why it makes sense to get new locks installed at fixed periods of time. The new device must meet the latest British Standards and be resistant to snapping, picking, drilling and other burglary techniques. Deadbolts and hooks offer greater security compared to roller and mushroom latches. The longer the strike receiver's screws are the more secure the lockset will be. The installation involves fitting the multipoint locking mechanism, the handle, the receiver and the cylinder. 

Need help with UPVC locks and doors? Count on us, at Locksmith Sutton. We repair and replace locks and adjust and fix doors in little time. To use our professional services, give us a call or send a message. Browse our website to learn more about our company and solutions. 

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